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The story of Women’s Wellbeing Club…

Women’s Wellbeing Club was founded in April 2019 by Adam Fletcher and Chris Martin. Having previously both worked closely with Andy’s Man Club, Chris and Adam realised that there needed to be a safe and anonymous community group for women to offer the same support and guidance that had been so successful for men within the AMC groups.

Women’s Wellbeing Club started as a local group in Newton Abbot, with just 20 women attending their first club meeting. This meeting offered support and friendship to any woman, whether they needed a safe place to chat, or just needed the support of being with like-minded women in the local area. The tremendous success of this initial group has seen WWC grow into a peer to peer support group with venues the length of the country.

Meet our Team

Chris Martin - CEO

More about Chris

Chris is our CEO, former prison governor and Royal Navy Officer. Outside of volunteering for the charity, works as a Leadership coach specialising in compassionate leadership methods. He has held several senior leadership roles, most notably at HMP Channings Wood as head of suicide prevention.

Chris has been involved in peer support since 2017, where he implemented a system into the prison to combat the increasing levels of desperation and lack of resources for wellbeing for prisoners and staff alike. He founded Andy’s Man Club in Devon in September 2017 in Teignmouth before moving it to Newton Abbot to a more accessible venue in September 2018.

2019, Chris and Adam founded the WWC and together they have seen mental health awareness soar in the community. For their work in Peer Support, the club has meant several awards have been given for the positive work that they do.

Adam Fletcher - COO

More about Adam

Adam is our Chief Operations Officer but is also a highly experienced head-chef, having held several prominent positions throughout the local area.

in 2018, Adam offered the use of his restaurant for the new Andy’s Man Club in Newton Abbot to use. Very soon, he realised that he wanted to become way more involved in helping people! In 2019, Adam and Chris founded the Women’s Wellbeing Club in response to requests from the local community where a provision for women’s peer support was missing.

Since the time that the WWC has been running, Adam has been the driving force behind the successful operation of the club. He has used his skills to expand the club nationwide, into a recognised entity where many clinical and frontline services now refer into. Adam’s work has   seen the club expand right up to the north of Scotland and nationally has attracted a huge following through social media, and a range of merchandise for awareness campaigns.

Our Directors

Sally Simpson

More about Sally

“I am the lead facilitator at Newton Abbot Women’s Wellbeing Club, and honoured to one of the Directors for Women’s Wellbeing Club CIC. I work in Workforce and Organisational Development at the NHS.

I am passionate about wellbeing and mental health both at work and within my local community. As soon as I heard that a women’s group was going to be set up by Chris and Adam in Newton Abbot, I was keen to get involved and have been part of WWC since the start. I love being part of the group and supporting women who may be going through a bit of a tough time which can happen to any of us at any time. The support I personally receive from the group really helps too. I am truly humbled by the sharing, support and friendships that form in the group and how new members are welcomed. The feeling that we are not alone and have a safe space to share what’s going on is very powerful.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and take that first step to join a group – we look forward to welcoming you”.


Amanda McClintock

More about Amanda

“I am a facilitator for the Perth group and help facilitate the Scottish Groups as one of the Directors for Women’s Wellbeing Club.

I started helping out behind the scenes when the Perth group was set up as my husband is involved in men’s group Andy’s Man Club and I knew how important it was to provide much needed peer support for everyone, so he persuaded me to help out.

I originally just “helped out” as wasn’t comfortable facilitating as I didn’t think I needed to attend and felt so nervous and afraid to talk about me but the support and friendship that I have found by being part of the club has been amazing. I’ve always shied away from talking publicly about my own mental health, but we all have it! I’ve realised that we all have moments of crisis or need some kind words and support regardless of having any mental health diagnosis. I love being part of the group because as well as being supported I can give something back, so don’t be put off by thinking you have to be going through a storm to attend as the peer support you could give can prove to be so vital to that 1 woman who needs it. It has felt empowering meeting such wonderful ladies and it really is true that talking about our mental health and wellbeing is so much easier together, we know it’s difficult taking that first step but we are all in this together.”


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