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Meetings are led by one of our volunteer facilitators. A set format is followed each week. Everyone can be heard and listened to if they have something they wish to share in response to the questions asked that week. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Women’s Wellbeing Club 


WWC - Perth - The Neuk

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This is our text only info service number – No calls can be made to this number and a response will be made via text between 5pm and 6pm daily




Amanda McClintock (Director)

More about Amanda

I am a facilitator for the Perth group and help facilitate the Scottish Groups as one of the Directors for Women’s Wellbeing Club.

I started helping out behind the scenes when the Perth group was set up as my husband is involved in men’s group Andy’s Man Club and I knew how important it was to provide much-needed peer support for everyone, so he persuaded me to help out.

I originally just “helped out” as wasn’t comfortable facilitating as I didn’t think I needed to attend and felt so nervous and afraid to talk about me but the support and friendship that I have found by being part of the club has been amazing. I’ve always shied away from talking publicly about my own mental health, but we all have it! I’ve realised that we all have moments of crisis or need some kind words and support regardless of having any mental health diagnosis. I love being part of the group because as well as being supported I can give something back, so don’t be put off by thinking you have to be going through a storm to attend as the peer support you could give can prove to be so vital to that 1 woman who needs it. It has felt empowering meeting such wonderful ladies and it really is true that talking about our mental health and wellbeing is so much easier together, we know it’s difficult taking that first step but we are all in this together.




More about Fiona

I’ve worked in HR for over 30 years in a number of roles which has seen me live and work in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and various other places in Scotland. It has also given me experience supporting employees through health, relationship and work issues.

After a divorce I spent some time re-grouping and am now married with two grown-up  stepchildren.

Like most people life has had ups and downs and, although I completely appreciate the need for mental health support for guys, I was a bit frustrated at the feeling that women didn’t need that kind of support because they talk to each other. I got involved with WWC to set up the first Scottish group in Perth and haven’t looked back




More about Caroline

I have been married, divorced, long term relationship and now settled with my partner. Between us we have 5 children and 6 grandchildren. I ha ve worked in hospitality, prison service and now within social care, i have had other jobs as needs must when you have bills to pay and children to bring up.I was recently diagnosed with MS which I am adjusting to slowly as life throws me another curve ball to challenge me. I think through my life experiences i am an understanding and caring person and hopefully i can help and support other ladies who are struggling.

Like many women, I have had various traumas, from controlling relationships, abuse, financial problems etc. I have struggled with these issues over the years and have never been keen on sharing, either on a one to one basis or group setting for fear of judgement or criticism. I joined WWC because of my partner mental health but have found i am able to share and for once in my life I feel comfortable doing this, the support from the ladies has been fantastic and knowing it is confidential and not judged has been my saviour after so many years.

There is a belief that women talk, yes we do! We also judge, criticise, bitch and quite often dont support each other due to society and media critic and portrayal of how we should be so unfortunately, we try to be that person that society makes us to believe is right. In joining WWC it gives you a safe place to be who you are, talk, support others, all without judgment and that is why i believe this group is needed so we can break down barriers and support one another.




More about Hannah

I’m Hannah, I help to facilitate the Perth group. I joined WWC in January as I really needed some extra support. I’ll never forget walking in for the first time to a meeting and thinking is this for me? However, the feeling I had was amazing…I could breathe and share openly without any feeling if being judged. I was treated with compassion and care from all the ladies. Having suffered from depression, anxiety and Complex PTSD since I was a teen, and never felt I fitted in anyplace but WWC has given me that. Its also great knowing your helping other ladies too, lifting each other up and seeing them grow while being supported.

Peer support is incredible and has got me through the last 10 months which have been the hardest in my life. Walking through the door was one of the best choices I’ve made it gives me a safe place to just be me.



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