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We are looking for women who can help support each other though lived experiences, to build networks and friendship and just lend an ear when someone needs to talk.
If you would like to get involved then I would love to hear from you. We are still meeting online so joining the online meetings just to see what peer support is would be the first step.

Desirable but not essential.
• Social media skills
• Presentation skills
• Fundraising experience
• Previous experience of peer support
• Understanding of mental health issues and local support arrangements
•Life experience
• Good listening skills

If you want to speak to us then please get in touch via the form below. 
1 person can’t change the world or how we talk about mental health or support but you could be that 1 person that talks about mental health without shame or stigma that supports and listens to that 1 person who needs it. ❤


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