So are you ladies ready to get more active, start getting out and get walking??

Then we have a wee challenge for you!

We want to help women to adapt to life after lockdown, so part of that is by getting outside more. Taking small steps, social distancing and interacting with others.

Our WWC Walk for Wellbeing could help to take those steps.

April 2021 Challenge – Walk to all WWC Clubs – Join the Facebook group here

So the challenge… for April we are going to try and walk the distance between all our groups, doing a virtual check-in every time, mileage-wise that we reach a group.

Below you will find the miles between each club

we would like all the women involved to combine their steps totals to see which club gets to the finish line first… top tip is the more walkers per group the higher the combined mileage…

  • Plymouth to Paignton – 46.56km
  • Paignton to Newton Abbot – 12.8km
  • Newton Abbot to Teignmouth – 9.6km
  • Teignmouth to Exeter – 24km
  • Exeter to Stafford – 291.2km
  • Stafford to Bolton – 99.2km
  • Bolton to Halifax – 44.96km
  • Halifax to Brighouse – 7.36km
  • Brighouse to Hartlepool – 131.2km
  • Hartlepool to Stirling – 268.8km
  • Stirling to Dunfermline – 35.2km
  • Dunfermline to Glenrothes – 26.24km
  • Glenrothes to Perth – 34.72km

Start to finish total km needed 1049.84km

Good Luck and remember the aim is to get people involved, it’s getting some fresh air, exercise and a chance to combat loneliness and help women to re-adjust to out of lockdown life again.

We get the chance to have a chat, find out how everyone is and get to hear stories that might not come up during the weekly meetings so have fun, stay safe and please enjoy!

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