Womens Wellbeing Club has been lucky enough to be selected as one of the Co-op Local good causes. We want to continue to raise awareness that there is a safe space for all women to talk. You will be able to select one of our groups in Newton Abbot, Paignton and Bolton to be supported by Food or Funeral Care funding sources.

All you need to do is become a Co-op member and choose us as your local cause

We want to give our own incentive  to sign up too.

Once you choose

Womens Wellbeing Club Newton Abbot

Womens Wellbeing Club Paignton


Womens Wellbeing Club Bolton

When you raise £2.50 for our cause send us a pic/proof and we will send you a wristband and pin badge worth £3.50!

If you are not a member yet then it is easy to sign up at coop.co.uk/membership





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